Gerry O’Connor

With the traditions of past generations endowed upon him, Gerry O’Connor has done much and more to see that the music of both the Irish fiddle and banjo remain not only alive, but thrive in the modern world. In honoring the heritage of his homeland, he has garnered acclaim as both a teacher and performer of traditional Irish music. In addition to touring and recording on his own, he has brought his virtuosic skills to the such bands as Skylark, Four Men and a Dog, La Lugh, the Irish Baroque Orchestra, the Irish Rovers, and more. In the summer of 2012, Gerry O’Connor brought the beautiful sounds of both the Irish fiddle and banjo to the truly unique and completely acoustic European tour of blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa. When all was said and done, it was unquestionably clear that the addition of O’Connor’s musical prowess was needed to bring completely flesh out Bonamassa’s unamplified presence . In the Fall of 2013, he was made a welcome addition to Joe Bonamassa’s acoustic touring band and his expert musicianship was recently captured at the Royal Albert Hall performance of the acclaimed Tour de Force series.