Mats Wester

Mats Wester is a respected Swedish studio engineer, producer, songwriter, and musician renowned for his mastery of his homeland’s traditional instrument, the nyckelharpa, as well as the mandola. He had begun to learn the instrument in his early teens, and by age 23 was Wester was awarded the prestigious title of “Riksspelman”, to commemorate his mastery of Swedish folk music. In 1993 he brought his skills as a musician and songwriter to the folk rock duo Nordman, which saw Wester team with singer Håkan Hemlin. The duo gathered quite the following in Sweden, and after a split up from 1998-2004, reunited to top the music charts of their home country. In the summer of 2012, Mats Wester’s considerable skills were called upon to complete the challenging puzzle that was Joe Bonamassa’s maiden acoustic tour, which culminated in a recorded performance at the Vienna Opera House. After the success of that tour, Wester was invited to join Bonamassa’s touring band and has since fleshed out the bluesman’s acoustic act with his unique musical prowess.